The Complete Video Solution
Solutions for Online video requires a flexible and open design to interact with innovation of tomorrow in parallell with legacy systems of today.
That's why online marketers are going for Lemonwhale Online Video Solution.

Video Platform

Lemonwhale delivers a complete online video platform for On-demand and Live content. Designed for use with professional websites, Lemonwale provides everything you need to publish and manage online video. Working with professional video has reached a new level where everyone can do it!

Advertising Server

Lemonwhale Ad Server is your tool for monetizing online video. Delivered as a seamless integrated part of the Lemonwhale Video Solution enables you to handle all actions necassary for advertising around online video content. Flash is the given format for video ads where you will have full support for standardized formats such as iRolls, Overlays and Skyskrapers. Lemonwale Manager, a full-fledged interface, will support you to manage your advertising campaigns.


Lemonwhale delivers a pre-build suite of flashplayers for optimized interaction with the Lemonwhale Video Solution, including our Ad Server. Choose from a variety of professional video player templates, and quickly adjust the styles of the player to meet your design specifications. Player features can be chosen online based on your demand.

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